SALE BAGS available now!!!!

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  1. 2 SALE bags available at Neiman Marcus
    :yahoo:A SA from NM has let me know that she has 2 sale bags in stock. She has turquoise flap on snake chain and ivory chain around bag.
    Please PM me for SA info (serious buyers only please)
    Someone please buy them so I don't:P
  2. Oops- forgot to attach prices and pics
    Ivory chain around~ 1500.00
    Turqoise snake chain flap ~1135.00

    Attached Files:

  3. Must...resist...:drool::Push:

    Hehe thanks for the info!
  4. Gorgeous bags and what a price! Thanks for sharing!
  5. such a temptation........
  6. OMG the prices are INSANE
  7. Someone else please get that ivory accordian flap plsssss... I...must...NOT!!! haha
    Thx for posting this babyontheway ;)
  8. Babyontheway, could you please PM your SA info?I've been a good girl. Now it's time to be bad a little bit :P
  9. ^^Being good is sooo HARD!! Being BAD is more FUN!!
  10. Someone please get them! The prices are too good to be true!
  11. @Snowjade: Ditto :graucho:
  12. :nuts: Ooohhh, insane prices!! Thanks for sharing!
  13. wow what pricing i wish i could buy another one. bought 2 in last 2 months.
  14. PMed you.
  15. #15 Oct 6, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
    Do you know the Turqoise snake chain flap made in caviar or lamskin? Thanks :smile: