Sale Bags at NM!!! ****MORE SALE GOODIES 1/20/09 COME LOOK PG 8!***

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  1. These won't last long!

    I just learned of these, and am passing the info along to you!

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested!!!

    NM is able to give 25% off of the price because they do not have boxes. The bags are in perfect condition and in the Hermes dustcover but because they do not have the classic orange Hermes box they can offer 25% off the price. These are also "FINAL SALE" items. They are not returnable or exchangeable.

    All three of the following bags have black canvas and Brown leather trim:

    Victoria PM T-Officer
    Maron Fonce
    (Large two handle tote with zipper)
    Originally $3975 and is now $2981.25

    Victoria Porte Doc T-Officer
    Maron Fonce
    (Messenger style bag with flap)
    Originally $4400 and is now $3300

    (North/South style accordion flap)
    Originally $7600 and is now $5700

    Garden Twilly TPM (first picture)
    (Dark Brown, the picture looks black, snap on top with two handles)
    Originally $2175 and is now $1631.25

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  2. I always knew those orange boxes were valuable!! This is real proof!

    Thanks for the heads up Jag... great deals to be had.
  3. Hey Jag, sale on other stuff as well or just the bags noted?
  4. [​IMG]Very good price on this! I have in vermillion and this bag in leather is fab for weekends.
  5. If only I wasn't on a shopping ban....
  6. When I was there a week ago, there were a few pieces of RTW on sale, but I will ask Lisa to send me what she can as far as what else is on sale!:nuts:
  7. Jag, do you know if they have any evelyn
  8. That's it for the sale. Sorry ladies!
  9. Wow, didn't know Hermes went on sale. Hello recession.
  10. Does Lisa ever get Kelly or Birkins?
  11. Thanks for the info jag. I rec'd this email also. I just bought the Garden Twilly. It comes with a free (one of my fav words) twilly. It was just too good a deal to pass on.

    Lisa told me that her NM was doing away with the Hermes dept. and since some of bags didn't have the boxes, they were authorized to discount it. All other bags w/ boxes etc. were being sent to another location. I forget where tho'.
  12. great prices! thanks, jag!
  13. The twilly matches the lining of the bag. I would suggest that you make sure not to let anything sharp float around inside the bag. I'm extra careful since it is silk. No zipper pockets so if you have any extra little zipper cases, this is the time to use.
  14. More Sale Goodies from Lisa at NM!!!!

    Escarpin Femme Parme (noir) Black patent heels Originally $730 now $438
    Ballerine Femme Piazza (rouge) and (noir) Black or Red Ballet Patent Flats Orig. $630 now $378
    Mule Femme Question Boucles (noisette) Brown Sandal heels Orig. $1075 now $645
    Botte Femme Nancy Boucles (cafe) Dark Brown almost Black Tall Boot Orig. $1825 now $1095
    Bottine Femme PLay Black Boucles (noir) Black bootie Orig. $1200 now $720
    Sandale Femme Quito (tan gold) Sandal Orig. $770 now $462

    Brown Gloves Orig. $485 now $291

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  15. More pics!

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