Sale bags at Bergdorf's...

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  1. I just received this email from Maria, my SA at Bergdorf's...regarding their current sale..These aren't all but just a few I was interested in..

    1-Gucci with the flower plrint on a linen with the bamboo handles and buff leather details reg$1389./sale 969.00.
    2- Small Gucci Bug bag print on white satin $695./sale 489.00 and quite a few other styles but not white.

    3-Chloe- Betty totes and satchels in 2 sizes and several colours

    4-Chloe Silverado- Large hobo Copper metallic sale $1199.00
    and smaller olive hobo in Olive $879. AND brown tote 1139.00

    Chanel has a few bags.. need to check!

    I don't know if you loke the YSL Muse..(it's their new IT bag) we have a few in Large Pale Gold and Linen, $1049.and we have the regular leathers not on Sale.

    and if you are interested we have Mulberry, Kooba (take a look at the new Kooba in our neew catalogue), Be and D, Dolce Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Marni, Oscar , Isabella Fiori, and Valentino plus a few more..

    Also, they are having their second markdown on Wednesday!

    Most of these deals aren't online, just in-store. Maria is great if you want to call the store & ask for her in handbags.
  2. ^ THANKS so much for the info!
  3. Thanks a bunch for the sales info, acegirl! although my wallet is not as happy hearing this news....
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