Sale bag from Prada

  1. SA sent me these photos:

    Retailed for $2390, on sale for $1075! Somebody grab it!

    Her name is Lisa Hamlin, number is 248-635-8442
  2. Is this from a Prada boutique?
  3. I have been drooling on this bag, but I heard it is as heavy as a brick. Do you feel it is heavy?
  4. I got this bag from Saks and I don't think it's any heavier than the rest.
  5. did anyone get it? :tup:
  6. I love your new bag - gorgeous!
  7. I think the plate makes it really heavy -- I picked it up at Prada and it felt as though it already had a wallet, cell, etc inside it when it was empty -- I put it right back down
  8. NM Troy. I haven't seen the bag IRL so I don't know how heavy it is.
  9. I personally don't like it. It looks like the metal plate will scratch very easy because it is so big.
  10. These bags are VERY heavy. That's why they're on sale everywhere. Much like the "Cousin It" fringe bag was last year's bomb, this one appears to be this seasons bomb (and not in a good way).

    Pity it weighs a ton, though. I like the looks of the bag.
  11. I kinda like that plate. If I ran into one of those bags with a truly amazing price, I'd up my weight training in order to carry it. :boxing:
  12. LOL PP "Cousin it", that's a good name for those bags.
  13. Saks had this for $830 after Christmas, my friend grabbed it and did a victory dance ... it was really funny at the time!