Sale bag alert: mastic anaconda tote at NM Union Square, SF

  1. hey gals,

    in the special cabinet at NM in Union Square they had a mastic anaconda tote, like the one ReRe has marked SALE :nuts:

  2. I'll have to check that out - I never look in the cabinets - only what's out. Thanks for posting.
  3. how much was it?
  4. That bag is soooooooo pretty. LOVES it!
  5. Sorry, no idea how much it was to start with or at the sale price :shrugs:
  6. I think it was a little over 3000 to start with
  7. Can you please tell me which store is this? Thank you.
  8. Neiman Marcus Union Square, San Franciso.

    150 Stockton Street
    San Francisco, CA 94108

    Store Hours:
    Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat 10-7
    Thur 10-8
    Sun 12-6
  9. That's the store I thought, but when I called they said they don't sell snakeskin in California!!
    Thank you.
  10. no no...they don't sell Python, but they do sell Anaconda. Maybe they are confused...ask them about the one in the glass case? It actually says "Anaconda" on the tag.
  11. Will try again, thank you. But aren't anaconda some kind of boa/snake?
  12. I love mine, it was courtesy of Gingerfarm who returned it. I think mine was are $1350 on sale from Nordstroms, its a beautiful color and has held up well. I got it wet and almost had a heart attack but it dried and there were no marks. My only caution is that it is a really big tote, if I could I'd make it a little smaller, but its a beauty and puddles to the ground its so soft.
  13. Sigh, I just called again, the lady didn't know what it is and when I asked her to check the glass case, she said it's a white bag! Anyway, may be she's helping me not to spend anymore!!!
    Thank you, gingerfarm!