Sale at the Outlet in Desert Hill

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  1. My friend hit the outlet on her way back from a trip out of the blue. She said they have the regular novacheck, trimmed in black leather, bags there (which they NEVER have) at the outlet for $365 with the original retail price is $595. There were other ones also but that one stuck on her mind all the way home. I sooooo need to go. I can't remember the last time they had a regular novacheck at the outlet either.

    Just wanted to let you know in case anyone lives nearby. :smile:
  2. I was actually there on Friday. I got a tote, its pretty big, it's a square, fabric not leather for only $329! The also had luggage duffles for around $500 AND I even saw a white leather manor bag for $700 from $1600! Um, I saw a novacheck long checkbook wallet for only $199. Pretty good deals!
  3. Manor bag for $700?!? Those are great deals! I'm going for sure now.
  4. How much are the scrafs? Burberry outlet is 1.5 hrs drive and I would like to know what they have before I make the drive ;).

  5. I only saw one on display, you might want to call to check for it. Maybe they will even send a picture?
  6. I've been there quite a few times, and in my opinion, on Friday, they had more scarves and ties than they usually do. Good luck!
  7. Fridays--okay, incentive to go on Friday--thanks so much for the tip. :smile:
  8. Have you called to see if they still have it, or to see how many they have in stock? Just in case, so you don't have to make the drive for nothing! I'll be going on Saturday to return the tote I got.
  9. Not yet, but I will if I can plan the trip for Friday. :smile:
  10. i MIGHT make a trip to the outlets this weekend.. if i do, i'll will definitely report back to everyone!

    (luckily this place is so close to morongo! haha something for me and something for the bf! it's a win-win trip :lol:)
  11. OMG, you remind me of me and my bf! That's the only way I can get him to drive me up there! Or to even shop with me there.