Sale at Sabines Boutique....

  1. I just got an e-mail about a sale at !

    She even has the new patent leather paddies...My God they are gorgoues!!!

    Go gettem girls....
  2. WOW, what a diverse sale!!
  3. :p Wow Mona you're on a roll!!! You're finding all the good deal:tup:
  4. Thank you for posting... I wish I wasn't on a ban til Xmass...
  5. LOVING that jade-green Paddy shoulder bag! :yes:

    Too bad about the customs declaration thing - they won't reduce value. :cry:
  6. Sabine was the very first vendor I ever bought a designer purse from. A brown Prada deerskin satchel, double handled purse. I still have it and she's really cute. I found Sabine on eBay and liked her right away. She travels to Europe and makes special 'purse' purchases (at least she use to?).

    Some great deals here!
  7. Its sale season starting all over feels great!

    Glad to hear from you Ali...I hope you are far away from all those fires I am hearing about!?
  8. The Malibu fires are the closest to me but not so close that we will have to evacuate(thank god). Thanks for asking;)!!!
    I can't believe sale season is here already:sweatdrop::push::woohoo:!!!!