Sale at NM Last Call Center (Milpitas, CA)

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  1. I stopped by the Neiman Marcus Last Call Clearance Center at Milpitas, CA tonight and there were a few things on sale:

    - 2 satin bow satchel
    - 1 pair of Size 7 black patent, white cap-toe slink back pumps
    - 1 pair of Size 5 black boots
    - 1 patent bow belt in black
    - 1 patent bow belt in red

    Call them for more sizing and pricing info. They were all in a glass case so I didn't bother looking at each one for prices or sizing (for belts).

    HTH :yahoo:
  2. Wow, I'm surprised that they have much Chanel in stock...everytime I go to the Great Mall, it's always a miss. Thanks for posting. Are sale items FINAL SALE, too?!
  3. Thank you for posting! We don't have any NM Last Call stores in NC. Will NM Last Call Stores do a charge/send?

    The shoes would be great, except I'm a 6.5 (35.5) :sad:
  4. LVgirl888 -- I'm not sure if it's final sale. I wanna say no, since it's already at the Last Call center. You should call to verify.

    Malinda -- I believe they do charge send. Again, you should probably just phone them to get the details.
  5. can i call them to order and ask them to ship it ?
  6. Do you by any chance know what number to call?
  7. NM Last Call Center in Milpitas --

    1230 Great Mall Drive
    Milpitas, CA 95035
  8. they do have charge sends... the only things that are final sale are lingerie, fine jewelry (only pieces with diamonds) and items marked with orange stickers that are clearly marked final sale (usually these are damaged items)
  9. they still have 1 bow satin satchel... price is 1102
  10. NM last call at sawgrass mills had 2 black satin bow bags this afternoon. I think you get an extra 5% off if you use your neimans charge.
  11. Thank you shoogrrl!
  12. Thanks for posting this info! It's too bad that the shoes are not in my size! :sad: