Sale at Net-A-Porter - 50% off Silverados

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  1. I never noticed this before, but the sale items on the int'l NAP site differ from those on the US site. Few of the deals posted on the int'l site are available on the US site...Great deal for those outside the US. Thank you for posting this!
  2. Had my eye on the nutmeg paddy too :sad: It's been saved as a favourite for months!

  3. I know! I only recently discovered it on the site and had it in my favorites for a week or two..waiting for some sale or discount or something. It's such a shame it's gone...:sad:

    I know exactly how you feel!
  4. It sold out. Just not having good luck today.
  5. A question regarding duty on purchases through the British NAP - how much extra is it typically?