Sale at Neimans!!

  1. Can I just say that I just finished kissing the boxes that my new Louboutin's and my new Chloe's came in!! I bought them at Neimans tonight on sale.....with an ADDITIONAL 25% off the sale price!! The racks were LOADED with Christian Dior, Tod's, Louboutin's, Chloe's and WAY too many other's to mention!!! I'm in LOVE!

    Not in this forum but the purses were on the same sale!! YUMMY!
  2. omg that is awesome. WHich styles did u get??? please post pics. (i get so excited when ppl buy new louboutins). can u also tell me which louboutin styles they had???
  3. Which Neiman's did you score all of these goodies at?
  4. Well, I got them at Neiman's in Vegas and the Louboutin's are called "Mallorca" (They were $155)in negro and the Chloes are called "White Sport" (They were $340). I've attached a pic for you to see.

    They also had the Louboutin's in the espedrille styles white with black polka dots and a peep toe. They had the same one also in pink and white gingham. They had another style that had a MONDO stilletto heel and pointy toe that was all black mesh....very cool but way too high for me! Another pair I loved and passed on was a fantastic Balenciaga pair. They had just tons of stuff. I can't even begin to list it all................I think I'll go back today cuz the purse deals were to die for, too. Fendi B Bags, Christian Dior Detectives......I could go on..............:drool:
  5. Wish they had a Neiman's right in NYC
  6. [​IMG]

    They had these too. I tried them on and they were luscious!!!!!!!
  7. congrats mustlovedogs!!
  8. Congrats, those shoes are too die for! Stunning!
  9. thanks for letting us know. I want the polka dot louboutin's
  10. I went back to the mall and wandered into Sak's only to find out THEY, too were having an additional percentage off the sale I bought these, too. Dior, YSL and Michael Kors.

    Too many little amounts of feets!! hehehe
    shoes 003.jpg
  11. ^^
    wicked. did they have any cl's on sale
  12. WOW!! Those are amazing finds! :yahoo: I was going to reply to your initial post in this thread, only to discover that you found more great steals.
  13. I hope the Saks sale goes on a while. I'm broke until the 1st. :sad:
  14. Yes, they did have some Louboutins on sale, too!!!:tup:
  15. haha! i went to Neimans yest and picked up 5 pairs myself at the sale! can't wait till their last call sale!!