Sale at Gretta Luxe 30% off fall moto and non-moto leather bags

  1. My dream come true, a real sale on leather motorcycle bags in great colors!
    Contact Katie or Kelly at Gretta Luxe, Wellesley, MA 781-237-7010 and let them know you heard from Chris on the purse forum. I'm not sure of their return policy on sale bags.

    30% off pre-fall and fall 06 Blenciaga bags while supplies last (I wrote them all down). I am including the original price, you can do the math.

    (I bought a truffle work. I've never owned a work before, but was considering a truffle bag and couldn't resist at this price).

    Weekender $1495
    blue india

    Work $1385
    blueberry (gorgeous soft slouchy leather)
    blue india

    Part-time (I'm not sure what this lists for)
    blue india

    City $1195
    2 white (gorgeous creamy leather)

    Mid-afternoon $1195
    blue india (this style is super-cute in this color)

    Extra courier $1250
    blueberry (gorgeous thick leather)

    Twiggy $1095

    Mini-bowler $1075
    grenat (very cute)

    Day $995
    Blue India

    Large sac/hook: $1695

    Hook $1495
    2 rouge vif (beautiful color and leather)

    Whistle $1285

    Small whistle $1,155
    light brown

  2. Thanks for letting us know!!
  3. wow, do u know if they ship international (canada)?
  4. I'm not sure. I would guess they do but you could call to check.
  5. i just called & spoke to Katie~
    thanks alot Chris~ :smile:

    hehe i have a hard time deciding on what to get now~
  6. I just called and they said all sales final!
  7. I called, too, had to out of curiosity. The Part-time retail is $1295.
  8. I just spoke to Kelly and she did say all sales are final. I will be going in again tomorrow morning so if anyone wants me to check on a particular bag and describe the leather to you, PM me.

    They will ship internationally (adding cost of shipping).
  9. Whow :sweatdrop: good that there is nothing I really want I would be in huge trouble...!
  10. I just got a large toilet case from there! I paid full price but if you can get your hands on one now (they had red and black), it would be only 460 or so. If you travel and carry a good amount of makeup and skincare, it's GREAT! I think it's the only store in north america that has it.
  11. Does anyone know the measurements on the mini bowler? I looked on ateliernaff but they don't have the size.
  12. Ahhhhh I just bought a weekender yesterday. Noooo. *Cries*
  13. aww... i'm so tempted
  14. MRG - Try paging Jem. I think she bought one and may know the measurements.
  15. CityChris -- You are awesome with posting all these great bbag sightings and deals.