Sale at Galleria Sydney

  1. Hi all!
    i had quick browse of dior goodies today at Galleria Sydney store and they were having sale on selected items( not sure what % , didnt ask sorry:s). They had white medium single white gaucho, large single flap gaucho in white, large white gaucho in white, red gaucho make up case and diorissimo in brown and pink leather trim was on sale. They had quite a variety of models for diorrissimo products:graucho:

    They also had ( non -sale items) lady dior in nude lace pattern and fushca lady dior that had the cannage pattern sticking out ( i dunno wat it is called i never seen them before) and lots of jeannie bags:tup:
  2. It's 20% off certain bags ;)
  3. ooh any idea what the certain bags are? might visit tomorrow!
  4. Not sure if it's the same ones as I got an email about but there was diorissimo bags in pink and dark brown and gaucho's in white and khaki colours.

    Sounds like there may have been more added.
  5. OMG! thanks for the update su! :flowers:
    the lady dior in nude lace pattern sounds right up my alley, i wonder if anyone would have a picture of it, or if it's like the l.e. dior detective that MayDay posted a picture of.

    my :heart::heart: for dior might just be re-lit with the lady dior. :drool:
  6. Cool. i'm gonna check it out this saturday. So if it's still there and no one's posted a pic, i'll make sure i equip myself with a camera. Hopefully the sales are still on by then.
  7. The lady dior in lace nude isnt part of the sale. And yes it is similar to the one that Mayday posted:yes:.It was in the shape of lady dior with the dior charm and had the nude lace pattern all over it. It looked really gorgeous!, sorry i didnt take pics.. i had no camera with me at that time
  8. thanks for sharing! any idea when the sale ends? ugh parking around there is such a headache...
  9. oooh thanks for the info on the nude lace lady dior, Su! i think i might have to find the number to the galleria sydney store and give 'em a ring to see how much it is and if the SAs there would be kind enough to email me photos of the bag.

    would you (Su) or any other aussie PFers happen to have any SA recommendations at the galleria store? i'd appreciate that very much. :heart:
  10. Paggie the store manager is real nice as is jenna :yes:
  11. Maybe some nice shoes to go with, may not be the same colour though

    Or these:
  12. :drool::drool: I LOVE THOSE SHOES! (and nat's 1010100101 pairs of shoes)
    between you and nat, i think there's a conspiracy afoot to get me to go from flats to heels, and i'd readily do that in a heartbeat if i could only learn to walk in them. i'm hopeless in heels. :girlsigh:

    and thanks ultimatechic for the SA recommendations! would I need to ring them up or could I just ask 'em through the email you provided? coz i know the local dior here (sg) hardly ever replies to emails. :sad:

    i wonder how rare this lace nude lady dior is.
  13. Their gorgeous aren't they :yes:

    I think the nude lady dior would be about as rare as the rhinestone evening dior, hard to come by and you rarely see them anywhere.

    You can email them, you know it's funny I have found that the more expensive the bag you are enquiring about the faster they will respond :wtf:
  14. :lol: about the promptness of their reply being related to the price of the bag. i guess that would explain why one of the local SAs here didn't reply an email because it was about a sale item. :push:
  15. No doubt, a sale is a sale regardless IMO, I got a little miffed that I didn't get the same service when enquiring about a cheaper bag in comparison to the service I received when I bought the ethnic :cursing:. They couldn't respond fast enough on that one :lol:

    Being that the lady dior wouldn't be cheap you should be fine getting a response.