Sale at Dillards

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  1. I just walked over to my local Dillards and they marked just about all of their Coach winter items down to 25% off. They had a bunch of holiday patchwork items, beaded totes, pouches, and wristlets all on sale. I just got the black beaded tote that I have had my eye on over there for a few weeks.

    RUN!!! Don't walk!!!
  2. I'll have to go check it out! Thanx!!!!
  3. I was there yesterday and nothing was on sale at all! Do you know if they just marked them down today or if it's regional?
  4. The SA said that she had just finished marking them down but I have noticed around here that the stores have different things on sale.

    Good luck.
  5. I went to both Dillard's in town and they both only had a couple of bags marked down. They had a brown suede beaded tote and a black gallery tote, plus a couple of pouches. Nothing I had to have, though.
  6. The Dilliards in my area had bags on sale for 25% also. They also had a couple of wallets.
  7. Dillards has a lot of bags on clearance at my store. I just bought my first Coach bag, a Hamptons Carryall for $140.
  8. I went this morning when the doors opened and cleaned out two Dillards stores with all the Coach items. It was so fun!!! It was nuts there.
  9. Our Dillards had an extra 40% off too. I picked up a brown signature wallet that goes with my pear hobo that just came yesterday for about $43.

    I think the extra % off is over the weekend but not sure...
  10. Damn, guess I missed out then. Oh well. Cool for those of you who took advantage! :smile: