Sale at CHANEL tysons galleria Tuesday.

  1. I was at the tysons mall on saturday night the SA there( Indra) told me there was going to be a sale on tuesday 30-40% on the shoes and boots and on select jewelry. there were alot of ballet flats in the store as well as boots! happy shopping! she gave me her card the number to the store is:703-847-0555.
  2. Thanks, I am curious to know how much the flats will run
  3. i'd love to get ballet flats too.. esp on discount :yes:
  4. ^^ second that~
  5. I saw some for $625. if there gonna be 30-40% off thats not to shabby!!
  6. I was there Sunday and I was told there was not going to be much on sale....hmmmm... Indra is going to be calling me with something good..I hope
  7. I was there last week and I don't think there is going to be much on sale either. No bags anyway! Though I think some of the ballerina flats will be in sale, like the lux line flats. I'm not crazy about the flats, but I think those are cute shoes!
  8. That's weird, bc I was at the Chanel B in Palm Beach and PB Gardens and both said that the ballet flats are not 4 sale. Can someone confirm please? Tia
  9. ^^I'm pretty sure that some ballet flats will be on sale. Indra pointed to a section of shoes that would be on sale and that included some flats. I don't know the specific styles though. You can always call the tysons corner Chanel and ask them specifically. Ask for Indra. Good luck!
  10. Lux line flats are NOT ON SALE....My Chanel SA confirmed that yesterday(I love them!LOL!)