Sale at Chanel in PB, starting December 5

  1. Just giving the Chanel-loving PFers here a heads up. There will be a sale starting December 5 at Chanel in Palm Beach. I'm not sure if the sale date is the same for all Chanel boutiques. Select bags and accessories, shoes and clothing will be on sale at 25 percent off. I picked out a pair of quilted black lambskin flats and had the friendly SA I met today set them aside for me.

    I'm not sure which bags and accessories will be on sale, the SAs said it's too early to tell. I did see which shoes were on sale. But I'll be going to the trunk show at the store either tomorrow or Wednesday, so I'll try to find out.

    The store number is (561) 655-1550. Everyone is super nice! :nuts:
  2. great to hear~
  3. I use Jillian there..she is great!
  4. Looking forward to hearing what is on sale!
  5. Thanks for the heads-up! Wow, i hope i can find something there....SALE, SALE MORE SALE!! My money won't grow...hehe

  6. I met her today, she's super nice! :nuts:
  7. What do the black lambskin flats look like? I want to know if they're the ones I have pictured in my mind lol
  8. They're flat, pointy-toed, black lambskin, quilted except for the cap on the toe, which is also black leather, but not quilted. The Chanel logo is on the cap in black. They don't have a bow on them. Very cute :nuts: They seem comfortable, too, at least when I tried them on and walked around the store. I'm going to Washington, DC, next week and I think they'll be a great pair of comfortable shoes for the flight and the trip.

    Hope this helps!
  9. I live about 90 miles north of Palm Beach!! I wonder if Palm Beach Gardens boutique will be having a sale,too?? Should be, ya would think. Worth Ave. is such an experience to see, though, I should just go over there!
  10. Just received my card in the mail for the boutique sale Dec 5-7. Has anyone heard what else might be on sale?