Sale at Barneys

  1. Selena..Put down your credit card...and slowly...back away from the computer................................
    Girl..You are BAD!LOL!
  2. Selena & Jill: LOL!!! I don't dare to open that link!!!!
  3. I didnt buy anything!!! Just sharing the info with my fellow purse junkies! Does that mean I am a pusher?

  4. You are just fueling the addiction, aren't ya. I think I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown with all of these sales. LOL!
  5. Yup. =)
    When I got MJ Elise with 15% off from NM, I was so happy already. Saks & Bloomies then offered 20% off for F&F events, followed by 25% at BobellisShoes, 75% at MJ Boston store, ~30-40% at eluxury. My Wallet can only handle so much in such a short period of time, CC's scared to know how good Barney's offer is? How much more damage can it take? =))))

    I'm guessing that stores are clearing out older styles to make room for newer ones --> more sales will be coming!!! OMG!!!!!!
  6. I just got a Barney's card in the mail the other day. Gahhh
  7. wow they have the white perfo on sale, BUT i still got a better deal through the Boston sale! heehee......boy does it feel good~~~
  8. =) Roo, you just reminded me that I still have a 10% off (1st day with Barney's card). I gave in & checked out the link Selena provided. Huge relieved! I would be in trouble if Blake or Elise get discounted -- I don't mind having these in multiples. Among those at Barney's site, Stella & Satchel would be tempting if they are marked down.
  9. Yup, congrats Love2shop!! =) You got Flap bag or Drawstring shoulder bag? They look nice. =)
  10. That burgandy Stella would be hot for winter but not on sale. I have decided I am bargain MJ girl from now on! LOL