Sale at Barney's LA

  1. Went to Barney's today to buy a new bummed, nothing there that I wanted. Nothing at Maxfield either! BUT, in case you guys are looking, Barney's has a large black whistle, a large brown whistle, the half size ones, a brown leather bag that looked like a saddlebag to me, and a few more odd ones that I didn't recognize - all at 50% off. I almost bought a whistle bag just because that tag with $1295 scratched out and $699 seemed like such a bargain! But I don't really want one. Only motorcycle ones on sale were the blue and white ones and green and white ones. The new gold hardware just doesn't sit well with me, and the only traditional hardware bag they had was a black city, which I can't buy (friend has that one). Ah well!
  2. the blue/white green/white oens..which ones are those?? the ones with giant gold hardware were on sale?
  3. Oh my! Damn, if I didn't have a dinner meeting tomorrow night.
  4. Re-reading my post, it's pretty darn hard to decipher...sorry about that. No, none of the gold hardware stuff was on sale. And the green/white, blue/white ones are the canvasy types, they look like Lily Pulitzer took over Balenciaga and deisgned a bag for a Florida vacation? I think I've been a pic here recently of one, I'll try to track it down and post it.

    On a happy happy note...I just placed my order with BalNY for my new bag...a truffle part time! So excited!
  5. so, the only ones they were selling were the funky ones? that sucks :tdown:
    did you say they had a DAY style bag on sale??? what did you mean by "saddlebag?"
  6. Perhaps the saddlebag is the afternoon. I think the afternoon looks like a saddlebag because it is in two parts.
  7. does Barney's accept international orders?

    anyone see any weekenders @ BARNEY's LA?
    thanks a bunch!~