Sale and Spring Styles at Barneys, Saks and Nordstrom n SF

  1. Here is a report on some styles I saw in SF today. I had to return the peeling liner red Rolandos to Saks so I stopped there, but first I went to Barneys where I returned my navy Rolandos.:crybaby:

    I only looked in the size 6-7 sale section of Barneys and I saw a few ballet flats, graffiti Pigalle and Miss Bunny. A notable regular priced item I did see was the electric blue Very Prive 70. Or it might have been No. Prive. whatever the case a Prive must be 120mm for me in order to be considered. :p

    At Saks in the sale section I saw the blue karey specchio very prive, red eel and red tiger decollette, and gold miminette added to the sale. During the preview I saw the ernesta, salopette, activa, and metallika. That's about all that I can remember for the selection there. For the upcoming spring styles I saw the black and red architeks, and numero prive 70 in "nude." The shoe was labelled as nude, but it was more beige than the pink toned one we all love. I also saw the Minibout Zep in black. I remember being :wtf: at the price tag because it is now in the $700 price range when it was $100 less just a few days ago.

    At the Nordies sale section I saw red and black caracolos in sizes 6-8 in the sale section. I sped by rather quickly and zeroed in on the new Oh My spring styles. They are in camel and black leather and they look like the Decollette but a slingback version.

    I did not get a chance to go to NM because I had to make an appointment, but I wanted to pass on this info in case there was anybody looking out for any of these particular styles.
  2. I also saw the En Passant at Saks and it was nice and the Joi Noed in satin at Barneys.
  3. thanks for the info! we sound like CL stalkers LOL! Net-A-Porter already has Oh My in! They're in royal blue or something along the line. I was ogling at them until my best friends were saying the color looked crap and i was like :wtf: cause they were so hot IMO!
  4. I haven't seen them in the blue. Are they patent? I think a patent in this style would look better.
  5. ooh thanks for the info! too bad about the return of the Rolandos, are you planning on replacing them or is the style not for you? I'm debating whether or not to get the red Rolandos.
  6. I'm going to go to Barneys tomorrow! I'm intrigued..what does the Miss Bunny look like?
  7. ^ black patent simple pumps looking with a gold metallic little bow. go to and check them out!
  8. Blackbird they also come in magenta and they fit similarly to the simple pump.

    Ladydeluxe--As far as being CL stalkers--I just wanna help people out. You gotta act fast when it comes to these babies! If that makes me a stalker so be it. :p

    Diana--I am returning the navy rolandos because I have them in red. Funny how they are both the same size shoe, but the navy's are slightly larger than the red ones. I honestly don't think it is practical for me to have more than one pair of this shoe. I think you should get the red ones! They are HOT!
  9. There were also some new espadrille flats at Saks.
  10. Thanks for the report!
    Barneys NY had the:
    Declic 100mm in black leather (also to come in nude leather and some other nice suede colors)
    Nude Patent strappy shoe closed toe with ankle strap - I cannot recall the name
    Black Patent Oh My
  11. Neiman Marcus Palo Alto in the 6-7 size range had a few of the graffiti flats, one pair of the Som1's in black in a 36 (so tempted but it was a half size too small for me) the Super-T's in a 36.5.

    They also had one pair of the decollete 868s in black patent (not for sale) in a 36 yesterday, but they are probably gone now.

    The red eel decolletes that LavenderIce saw at Saks are now gone. I plan on calling other Saks b/c I really want those. :smile:
  12. I totally forgot about this today. I'll have to see if I can stop by tomorrow. Just to browse. :smile: