Salaya, Parioli, Chelsea

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  1. Hey gals..I have a favor to ask. I am in the market for a new Damier Tote. Could any of you post pictures wearing any of these:

    Saleya MM
    Saleya GM

    It would really help me alot in making a decision.
    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Here's my new chelsea:heart:
    purses 047.jpg
  3. I :heart: the Chelsea!
  4. I like the Chelsea the most. It looks very classy with the dark leather trim around the side of the bag.
  5. I think Chelsea is easier to carry for long time period because the handles are flat like cabas. I would think saleya with rolled handles will hurt my bony shoulders. Although I do like Saleya alot ! IMO
  6. I love the parioli!
  7. Thanks so much you guys for posting your pictures and threads!!
    I like them all!! I have to sleep on this for awhile.
  8. No pic of since I don't own any of them :cry: - but I love the Chelsea above all!
  9. selena, how much is the chelsea?
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