Salary Negotiations

  1. Hi everyone! I'm still fairly new to the boards but you all seem to be such a wealth of information I thought this would be a great place to get some input.

    I just got offered a job at a medium sized consulting company. I'm a new graduate and this is my first "real" job so I'm pretty excited. They called me yesterday to tell me they are choosing me over 2 other candidates and would email me the offer today. The HR girl I spoke to said that if I had any questions or concerns, then just to call her. If I was to accept the offer, then just sign it and fax it in. We have never discussed salary expectations in any previous meetings.

    So I get the offer today and it is significantly lower than what is considered competitive in the industry and is not in line with my city's high cost of living. However, I do understand that I am a new graduate with no real work experience and thats not something a company would considered a "valued candidate". Plus, I was chosen over 2 other people so its not like it would be hard to find someone to take my place. I just really don't know what do to or what to think of the situation.

    So what do you guys think? Should I even try to negotiate a higher salary? If so, how do you go about doing that?! I am SO lost on how to even initiate a conversation like that!

    Edit: They expect an answer by 4:30pm tomorrow so FAST input would really be appreciated!
  2. Hi there -

    You are totally ok to negotiate salary, new grad or not. As a recruiter I work with candidates regarding salary quite often, although I discuss salary expectations early in the process, but, it is ok to call the HR rep you've been working with and let her know that the offer was a bit lower than what you expected, and would there be room for movement. Just make sure you come across honest and humble, talk about how excited you are that you were offered the job, and how much you like the company. If she says the offer is firm, you'll either have to accept it, or walk.

    Also - you were chosen over two other candidates - it's YOU they want, an employer will want to hire their first choice, so dont feel like discussing salary will hurt your chances - they've offered it to you, they want you to accept. The only time I or my hiring managers are put off by a salary negotiation is when the candidate comes across greedy and only interested in the $ associated with the job.

    Hopefully Redney will see your post and weigh in as well....
  3. Thank you so much for your insight, especially from the HR point of view!

    That is what I am most concerned about though, looking too greedy or ungrateful about the offer. I really DO want the job and if there is no room for movement, I would most likely still take it.

    Do candidates often negotiate for higher salary and get it? Or would the company be so put off that they would take back the offer? Can they do that?!
  4. Nah, if a candidate called me to let me know how excited they were about getting the job, but the offer was a bit lower than expected, but could accept right away if the company could offer XXXX amount (which should still be somewhat close to the offer to avoid looking greedy) I wouldnt be put off at all.

    Did they mention at all during the process what the salary range would be???

    Best of luck!!!
  5. I agree - start negotiations for a higher salary. Make sure you can back up what you're asking for with some dot points about your uni qualifications, any other kind of experience you have (volunteering, writing for a free paper etc) as well as some stats about similar jobs and the market salaries.

    You shouldn't ask for more money without being prepared to justify why you deserve it. Negotiations don't have to be aggressive, just state everything calmly and as a matter of fact - be confident too, you deserve more money!

    Also, make sure you know exactly what your lowest figure is, as well as your counter-offer figure before you call and talk to them!
  6. Kittie - Any updates? How did it go???