Salary and number of hours worked

  1. I get paid a salary, and I wanted to know if my hours are typical. I do market research in the oil and gas industry. My company is pretty big >10,000 employees worldwide. I find I work around 55 hours a week. My week is usually structured like this:

    Monday-Thursday 9am - 7-7:30pm
    Friday - 9am - 5pm

    Sometimes I stay longer until 8 or 9pm, depending on the work load. I also have a lunch break and depending on the day, it is usually 20-60 minutes.

    I was wondering what your hours are like and what kind of company you work for (big, small, etc.)
  2. I work for a non-profit (15 full time staff) and the hours are great (9-5 M-F) totally 35 hours/week with 1 hour lunches. :yes:

    I'm an exempt employee (with non-profits, we are like the jack/jill of all trades), which means there are days that I work longer hours and do not get comp time/pay. But overall, I like it because I feel like I'm working towards a cause and income is not a problem with what bf is bringing in. The best this is causal dress day everyday :tup: and I can stroll into the office in sweatshirts and no one will bat an eye.
  3. i'm salaried and generally work about 35 hours a week unless its crunch time (i work in movie and film advertising). It's a very small company and our schedule is very flexible. in fact as long as you get your job done you can come n whenever you want. We also get three weeks paid vacation :smile: It's a great company
  4. I'm salaried, plus I get an annual bonus. Excluding the bonus, if you calculated out what I'm paid hourly, I make an embarrasingly small amount of money. I work a lot of hours.
  5. When I worked in the corporate world, my hours were very similar to yours except that I started and ended a touch earlier (8AM). I also occasionally worked on weekends if needed, such as at the end of a fiscal quarter or fiscal year when deals needed to be finished up in a certain timeframe. I was on salary plus commission. I'd say your working hours are pretty typical for a white collar occupation.

    I'm curious: are you asking this question because you feel that you are working too many hours for your compensation? Or too many hours for you to have a productive life outside of work?
  6. I work for a state agency. My scheduled hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with an hour (or more :p) lunch. It's a very flexible workplace, with great vacation and sick leave benefits. If I work over 40 hours, it is considered "comp time" that I can accrue and use to take off weekdays instead of using my vacation hours. Works out well!
  7. I'm a first year high school classroom teacher. They take my official "10-month employee" salary and streeeetch it out to cover all 52 weeks.

    My "official" hours are 7-2 or 7:45 to 2:45, depending on whether you choose early prep, plus whatever meetings and required teacher days (without students) and I have to say I don't know any teachers that actually keep only to the "official" hours.

    I like to leave when the final bell rings, so I'm usually in my classroom by the ungodly hour of 5.30am so I can do some prep before all the students file in. I also take papers home to correct, or will come on weekends to grade or collaborate with other teachers. I'm hoping to learn to manage my time better as I get more experience under my belt, but I don't think I'll ever have that 40hour work week.

    Even summers are spent working on curriculum for the following year, or on professional developement classes....

    My bf, however, works for a large hotel chain management company and is currently being taken advantage of, IMO. Due to the shuffling of management in his department, his higher ups currently have him doing a director's job on an outlet manager's salary.

    He goes in at 5.30am, and often winds up staying till 7-8pm, sometimes 9-10pm. And then, sometimes he has to go in on weekends to help or go to meetings...or do volunteer charity stuff.

    I'm glad to say that he'll be quitting soon and then will be moving back to where I live! Yay!
  8. Its more a problem of having a life outside of work. By the time I get home, its 8:00 and after my nap its 8:30. In the US, most places close around 9-10pm, so I feel like I'm stuck with hitting the bars/clubs or staying home after work. I can't do other things I want like go to concerts or take cooking classes because of the time.
  9. I'm assuming you are in the US...

    Are you exempt or non-exempt? Makes a big difference. If exempt, your salary reflects the job you do, regardless of hours worked - if it takes 20 or 55, you are paid for the actual job, so 55 hours could be what it takes to get the job done.

    If non - exempt, you should be paid OT for any hours over 40.
  10. I am in healthcare and I work from about 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and no way in hell do I have time for a lunch break. I take lunch at my desk.
  11. I'm an exempt employee. The salary doesn't really bother me because the company takes good care of us (so they can in turn work us like a horse). Its just I can't seem to balance work and life in the US. I've worked out of our Mexico and Argentina offices and have been fine because nothing really opens until 9pm or later.
  12. I work in a factory that builds commercial airplanes. My shift is 5am - 1:30pm. I refuse to work overtime, but if I did, I would make time and a half except on Sundays I would get double time. Plus if I work over 180 hours in a quarter I would get double time for any overtime after that. Not that I do, I think my personal time is worth WAY more then they could possibly pay me.
  13. Ah, OK, I see.
    Well...if you want to go to a specific concert or take a cooking class on Tuesday nights or something, there's nothing really stopping you, is there? It's not like you have time clock to punch. Could you just leave "early" the night you have something else planned, and then if necessary just stay later another day, or work for an hour or two on Saturday to make up for what didn't get done.
    As for things closing at 9 or 10, that's not true in New York where I live so when I read that I was like "HUH??" and then I realized that it probably is true elsewhere in the US. I would have a problem with that as well; I'm a night owl, but I hate clubs and that whole scene.
  14. I am a freelance court reporter and I am contracted with a firm. I don't work set hours but take depositions that could be at any time during the day, sometimes into the evening. I do about 50 - 75% of my work at home though, which is usually at night since I'm really not a morning person. Sometimes I work my ass off, such as the past few days.

    Like day before yesterday I had to get up and be at a deposition at 9 a.m. I was there until about 3 p.m., no lunch break. I had to finish up production of that transcript and the one from the day before for the same case by the next day. I went to the office to drop off some paperwork, came home, ate, took a brief nap for an hour and then was basically up working until 5 a.m. yesterday. Then I slept for about an hour and had to get up and complete the job and did that for about four or five hours. Then I had to go run downtown to get exhibits and have them copied and get everything turned into the office. I finally got home about 4 p.m. I believe and took a nap.

    So how many hours is that? I'm scared to add it up, but basically 6 + 12 + 5 or so, give or take. That's not counting driving around and stuff. So what is that, 23 hours with 1 hour sleep. This is not typical, but it happens. The upside is that when I work that much I get paid well. And I somehow thrive on stress.

    Right now it's 1:43 a.m. and I'm working. I have no life.

    The upside is that some days I end up with free time in the middle of the day and don't always have to get up early.
  15. I work by the hour and I work as many hours as I feel like working.