~*Sakuraicedtea's unique bag collection*~

  1. I "Used" to have over 100 bags collected from childhood but someone :crybaby: blocked my entry to my handbag storage and I have to wait until they get their stuff out.

    So for right now I have my unique/everyday essential bags.
    p1.JPG p2.JPG p3.JPG p4.JPG p5.JPG
  2. those are really cute bags.. they look so real.. i wish I can use small bags too.. hehe...
  3. good collection.
  4. Liking the red floral one - the pattern reminds me of the Gucci "flora" bags which I think is very pretty. Also the cherry ones are cute!
  5. very nice collection!! thanks for posting :heart:
  6. Did you ever get to get your other bags from storage?
  7. Gorgeous collection!
  8. great collection :woohoo:
  9. wow great collection:heart:
  10. Love the Noe!
  11. Very nice!!!
  12. Nice!
  13. nice collection!