Sakura B25 VS Mauve K mini

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What should I pick?

  1. B25 Rose sakura

    49 vote(s)
  2. Kelly mini mauve sylvestre

    18 vote(s)
  1. Hello ladies
    Wanting some thoughts what you would pick:
    B25 Rose sakura PHW swift
    Kelly mini mauve sylvestre PHW (likely Epsom)

    By way of background, I own two other B25s but no Kelly mini.
  2. Which mini? Because I am perplexed with the minis....
  3. Kelly mini II?
  4. If you have two B25s and no mini K - the mini K is much better for evening and it has a strap.
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  5. Rose Sakura B25....a true unicorn
  6. Although the mini K is adorable, I find it too small (useless) for my lifestyle.
    If you would find use in it, then I'd go for it for the reason QF stated above...
    otherwise, I like to stick with what I know I will use/love... B25!
  7. B25 Rose Sakura! But I’m very biased as RS is my favorite H color lol...
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  8. I would purchase the Sakura B25 in a heartbeat! Beautiful bag!!!
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  9. You have an sizeable collection, indeed, thanks for your insight. I have to admit, I love the kelly for its shoulder strap....
  10. I vote for the B25 in RS.
    First: RS is a absolutely gorgeous pink and in my opinion a lot easier to combine than mauve sylvestre.
    Second: I have a Mini K in Epsom and it is really stiff and hard to open. I rarely use it for this reason.
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  11. Thanks so much for your insight... I wonder if anyone has intel if Rose sakura will be allowed for SO in September..
  12. I really don't think anyone knows this yet. We would love to help you otherwise.
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  13. I would see if you can try both in person.
    I’d vote for the B25 in RS because of the color.
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  14. My vote would also go for B25 Rose sakura. The color is beautiful :heart:
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  15. B25 unless you find that the amount a mini K holds (not much) will suit your purpose. If so, then get the mini K.
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