shoe delivery, yikes! Venting


May 13, 2009
Ordered 2 pairs of Stuart Weitzman shoes last week, 5/18. $111 and $99, like about 75% off. I was happy, because they sold out fast. Still holding my breath waiting on the cancelled notice, like I've had trying to order from them before, because after I ordered, I saw they were both shipping from a store (actually, 2 different stores.) They arrived today. Opened the first package, linen wedges. Opened the poly bag (no outer box) and they were floating loose in a Steve Madden box, with no lid, no tissue, nothing. They were pretty beat up, looked worn with frayed linen thread and edges. Opened the second pkg., a corrugated box, inside a SW box with tissue all around, inside that, a SW shoe bag and nicely packed tissue. 2nd box packed the way one would hope. Now I'm feeling a little better, at least one of two pairs is good. Nope, unwrapped the tissued shoes to find the wrong shoes! Instead of nude patent wedges, there are silver, very high heeled sandals. Both going back. I called, because one pair is marked final sale, no returns. The rep said I should pack them in one box if possible. I laughed and said, no way, they're going back exactly the way I received them.

I know they're only shoes, not the end of the world. I had hoped to take one pair along on a trip next week, oh well, just saved $211. Won't be ordering shoes from there again. Thanks for listening, I do feel better now that I've shared.


Nov 10, 2011
Washington DC
Hi I hear you. this is what I received from Saks final sale. no designer box, no tissue, Rag and Bone boots are beaten up and all covered with white residue. They were supposed to be black pebble leather, not paper-thin whitish leather. I had to chat with Saks too as it's final sale, they said they would inspect shoes.