SaksFirst Bonus Reward Gift Cards

  1. When do they mail out the Bonus Reward gift cards for the points you've accumulated? Is it after the end of the calender year? Or is it before then???
  2. Does anyone have any answers?
  3. I believe it is February. If you are in one of the top tiers, you should be able to request sooner. If you log into your Saksfirst account (not credit - its the one that shows you how many point you have) you will be able to see your points and get additional info on your account.
  4. I generally get my bonus reward gift card by the end of January and then have until the end of April to use it.
  5. Thank you so much for the information.
  6. I just got a bonus card a couple of weeks ago - not sure if that helps.
  7. can this reward card be used at LV (and Chanel)?!!!!! since you can get points for LV purchases now..... TIA!