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  1. Hi everyone,

    I got a text from my SA from saks letting me know they are implementing a new policy where they will not do any more reserve lists for fashion bags. It's going to be first come first serve now at saks.

    Wondering if rest of department stores will be implementing the same policy...

    I wanted to give everyone heads up on this so you guys can plan and check with your SAs
  2. Oh no!! Do you know if this policy is retroactive? I just confirmed the space on a list for a tender touch... I've been on the list now for a few weeks. Any info as to whether I will lose my spot??
  3. I think they are implementing it gently as she said. So people they promised the bag already should get it. But no more new lists. And I think it's for classics mostly. Don't know about tender touch or boys or wocs...I was scared to ask!
  4. Classics or fashion bags?
  5. Ok... Well, at least that's ok for me for now, but what a bust! Chicago doesn't have a Saks with Chanel...0 I think the nearest one might be Ohio??? I don't even know-- but that's annoying that I will have to call and drive from now on. Thanks for this really valuable piece of info!!! :smile:
  6. This is interesting! Thanks so much for letting us know!
  7. So I talked to my SA more. It's kinda confusing but they won't take lists for any seasonal/fashion bags as she said. So if it's fucshia in classic - no list, tender touch/chanel 3 in green - no list. No list for any boys as those are considered seasonal. For woc - if it's black classic style then yes there still will be a list, but if it's a seasonal style/color then no. Same for classic/reissue bags - if it's black or any other "classic" color then there still be a list. Otherwise, first come first serve. If you have SA at saks, I suggest you check with them!
  8. Oh and she just texted me again. She said they will still have lists as in who wants what, but can't hold a bag for you. So if something you want comes in, she calls you along with rest of people on that list and if you call back first, then bag it's yours...
  9. Thanks for the info I will def be checking with a SA about this!
  10. Oh man what a jumble this is!!! I am going to bow out of this stressful game one of these days! Lol! Thank you SO much for the info!!! :cool:
  11. This is not good news! 😥