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  1. Does anyone know if OFFSAks will ship internationally if i ring the store
    I visited the offsaks in CA before xmas and they had some fantastic watchs at silly prices
    I did email customer services but they were not clear in there reply if Offsaks would ship overseas
    I live in the UK so prices are so much cheaper in the usa on designer goods even with shipping
  2. You should contact customer service to have your questioned answered...

    Saks and Off Saks may handle international requests differently..
  3. Hi there
    thanks for your response
    I already did this but there reponse was very unclear
    They did not directly answer the question
    they told me to telephone the store directly!!!!!
    I guess I need to email them again
  4. Um ok, so why don't you telephone the store directly if that is what customer service advised you to do? Every single Off Saks is different and will have varying stock, so it really does you no good to speak with general CS, as they will not even know if your desired item is available.