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  1. Hi!!!

    Does anyone know if Saks will have any MJ on sale for the after xmas sale??

    I really want the wallet :love: but CAN NOTT see myself spending 400 on a wallet

    and of course I would get a bag or two ;):tup:
  2. there was a lot at my Saks that was already on sale and all of them had the chain strap.
  3. I was just in my local Saks yesterday and the SA confirmed that from 8 a.m. to 12 Noon on Wednesday, Dec. 26th, the sale items will be an additional 50% off. They might even pre-sale or set aside an item for you if you ask. I was able to set aside a clutch I want. After 12 Noon, the discount is an additional 40% off. Good luck getting what you want!
  4. luvpurses - HOLY SHNIKES ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That's a huge percentage off! I guess we'll have to go to Sak's early. My poor husband! :lol:
  5. MPJ - I think you asked if the Saks at Chevy Chase, MD had MbMJ? If so, yes they do and I saw at least two on sale yesterday. I don't know MbMJ very well, but they were like satchelsl with an outside pocket with a turnlock. If you get there early on 12/26, maybe you can snag one for an extra 50% off.
  6. kiss_p - :winkiss: Thank you! I'll definitely check it out on Wednesday.
  7. Oh yes MPJ, it's true! I remember being so mad at myself last year for not going early. (I was lazy and slept late.:push:smile: I promised myself that this year would be different!! I may even get there at 7 a.m.! LOL!

    Good luck getting some deals!!!
  8. i'm not going this year.....i have spent too much and with all the money i've spent on purse this year i coulda bought an hermes
  9. Does anyone know if they have any multipockets in bordeaux at Saks? I wonder if I'll have any luck calling in tomorrow to order one!
  10. I was at Sak's and Bloomingdale's today - NOTHING. EVERY SINGLE MARC JACOBS BAG that was on sale was GONE. I asked the SA at Bloomingdales's that we were talking to (I was picking up my Totally Turnlock Faridah) where all the bags were, and she said that literally a half hour after they opened they were sold out.

    And at Saks, NOTHING. They had a few Ferragamo bags that were still there, but nothing good (that I saw).

    Quite disappointing! *pout* I wanted to magically find a zip clutch on sale.

    Oh well. We found 2 cashmere sweaters for my husband at Bloomingdale's, though - $75 each (down from $225 each)! So HE SCORED!:roflmfao: Figures, right?! :p