Saks Want It Giveaway

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  1. Hi guys! I couldn't find that anyone already posted this so here goes....

    Enter the Saks WANT IT GIVEAWAY
    To win an Australian outback adventure vacation
    And play everyday to win $250.00 for shopping!

    Personally, I have played everyday and zip, zilch, nada.
    Plus, what’s worse is that in the game, they wait until the last possible square to not pick mine! It’s terrible! I hope someone here as better luck!

    Enjoy!! - Want It!
  2. I just played right now and didn't win. But I'll try again tomorrow.
  3. I didn't win either.
    Does anyone really ever win?
  4. thanks! wow.. i can't really afford designer stuff. the only ones I can afford are dooney & bourke and coach
  5. is it just me or does their website loads really slow
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. Played yesterday and luck. The website wasn't slow for me....yet....
  7. Mine wont even work.... :sad: and i was feeling lucky :sad:
  8. The "winning" pic was the last one to disappear... my heart jumped for a split second. But I lost.
  9. my "winning" one has been the 2nd to last to disappear every time. grrrrrr!
  10. ^^^Me too. Obviously it's set that way to get us all psyched! This is as bad as the one Bluefly has going with the "claw" game. I hate those machines IRL, but a computer version is the pits. :yucky:

    I did get a $15 discount when the Bluefly one started up though, so it wasn't a total waste. ;)
  11. thanks for the heads up
  12. I've played just about everyday...and everyday is the same, no such luck.
  13. I just played - not a winner - but I will try again tomorrow!