Saks Vs. Nordstrom

  1. Ladies,
    Which store do you prefer from the two. I personally prefer Nordstrom. IMO they have better customer service. Saks once sent me an order that I had cancelled, they did not only do that but charged me twice for that item. Also, one time they sent me a really dirty stained Juicy bag and wallet twice after I requested for an exchange through the mail. Nordstrom did not only help me locate an item the SA was nice enough to call the stores for me and place them on hold.
  2. Nordstrom is the best! They have the best customer service and return policy. Also, their sales associates tend to be friendlier.
  3. This is really interesting - I'm currently thinking about ordering from Saks. I've never ordered from either, but I definitely don't want any trouble as I'm in Australia and it would be a pain to have to send things back and forth!
  4. I prefer Nordstrom b/c they have excellent customer service, and I've never had an issue there. Every time I go to buy something no matter how much it is the SA's are always so nice, and helpful. My experiences at Saks haven't been as great as those I've had at Nordstrom, so if there's something I want that's available at both stores I'll get it at Nordstrom instead of Saks.
  5. I like both for different reasons. The SAs in Nordies are defintely friendlier but both stores carry different stuff, so I'll shop both.
  6. I prefer Nordstrom as it is always a wonderful experience to shop there. However, they do not offer the selection of items I frequently am looking for, so I head to Saks. Saks has an attitude. Yes, they are nice while buying, but they don't bother with you unless they smell a sale. Returning is not fun either; they do it, but the look on their face says something completely different- Nordstrom is happy happy happy no matter what.

    Now, I have a few friends who work at Nordstrom and when I've mentioned that, each has (at seperate times) simply smiled, looked at me in an interesting way and said: "you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes so you can have that experience". Nothing else. :shrugs: A bit cloak and dagger, don't you think?

    In any event, both stores provide me with the majority of what I need.
  7. nordstrom! much better customer service. saks has a better selection imo, but i cannot stand some of the snobby, mean sa's. is that their strategy for selling me things? :rolleyes:
  8. I prefer Nordstrom for customer service, and when I want to buy more reasonably priced items, but my Nordstrom doesn't have a higher-end designer goods (my old one did :crybaby:), so I like Saks better for that.
  9. I like both for different reasons. My Saks SA is great, but for clothing, I am petite, and Nordstrom's petite selection is far better than Saks'.

  10. what do you think your friend meant by that?

    At least if they have to go through hell in a handbasket, the customer never sees any of that, which is the goal...and awesome.

    I'm in the Northwest and Nordie's started up here, and I love the company with all my heart. They have definitely stayed true to specific ideals and I can appreciate that. Saks has a lot to offer as well, but from what I have heard from people with ordering and returning, if I can get the same product at Nordie's I will continue to do so. If Saks has something I am sure that I want more than anything, and Nordie's doesn't offer it, I have no problem shopping at Saks. But I would prefer to give my business to N.
  11. Last time I went to Saks was when I was a little girl so I can't really remember it. I've only ordered from them online a couple times. So I'm definitely a Nordies girl!

    My mom gave me a Saks certificate for Christmas and it says on it that I have to use it IRL, not valid online. The closest Saks is in an area that's a total PAIN IN THE BUTT for me to get to :s
  12. Lately, my experiences at Nordstrom haven't been as customer service oriented or pleasant as in the past. It's been my experience that the service is starting to decline and some of my long time SAs have left the company. In fact the last "special event" I attended there felt less than "special". I actually had a SA tell me she was "too busy" to ring me up (there were no customers and 3 SA standing there at the register) and rudely pointed towards another department and told me to "go there". WTF??? BTW the items I was purchasing were in fact from "her" department so I was a bit insulted. I wrote a complaint and turned it into their CS department. About a month later I received a boiler plate written apology from the manager that lacked any sincerity. No big deal to me- I may not have been their biggest customer but I can spend the $5-$6K annually I used to spend there somewhere else. Besides the handbag department in Las Vegas sucks!!!

    Saks on the other hand seems to be stepping it up a notch in the customer service department and the SAs I encountered lately have been extra nice and helpful.

    I've been slowly shopping more at Saks and less at Nordstrom due to this. In fact I haven't bought anything at Nordstrom in a couple of months and I have a GC sitting in my wallet. LOL
  13. I don't think I've ever bought anything from Nordstroms, but on the other hand, Saks is probably my favorite store.
  14. I like both, Nordstrom CS is much better, especially by phone. I like Saks' select better and I can get a better deal (EGC, no tax, free ship, % off).
  15. I love Nordstrom! They have the BEST customer service and return policy!