Saks Upcoming October events-EGC, F&F, 2x pts

  1. I condensed this so it's all in one post-hope this helps!

    I'll try to explain everything for future reference

    Double points-Saks gives reward points based on your Saks CC purchases.
    Annual spending-1st $5000 you receive 2 pts per dollar
    Annual spending-next $5000 you receive 4 pts per dollar
    Annual spending-anything over $10,000 you receive 6 pts per dollar

    On double points days-you receive (wait for it) Double points!

    EGC-AKA-Spend some get some
    EGC is Electronic Gift Card-you spend x amount of dollars and you get a gift card for a corresponding amount-for example
    Spend $250-500 get a $25 gift card to use on your next purchase. The more you spend, the more you get!

    Spend $250 to $499 GET $25 GC
    Spend $500 to $999 GET $50 GC
    Spend $1000 to $1999 GET $150 GC
    Spend $2000 to $2999 GET $300 GC
    Spend $3000 or more GET $450 GC

    Friends and Family-is just a 20% discount storewide excluding most high end brands like Chanel, LV, Gucci etc

    Also-If you open a new Saks account you get 10% the first time you use your card. It can be used in conjunction with EGC but the EGC amount is based on your total AFTER the discount.


    Also my favorite Saks SA is Damian-he's super! Send him some business
  2. Thanks for posting this! Damian is at Saks Bala Cnywyd and he's great. Donna also works there and she is wonderful with waitlists.
  3. Could you tell us the dates please?
  4. EGC is Oct 18th

    Double points will be going on Oct 4-7th

    Not sure exact date on F&F
  5. yep..I also use Donna at Saks in Bala,pa... She is also super nice!!
    1-610-667-1550 ext 258
  6. Price increase today?
  7. Can you purchase Chanel or LV products with an earned EGC?
    Also, can you earn another EGC if you purchase an item that exceeds the amount of the EGC you're redeeming?
  8. ^ yes for the first question, I have bought both LV and Chanel at Saks with an EGC. But, I don't know about the second one. :oh:
  9. I am new to all of order to get the EGC do you have to use your SAKS Credit card?
  10. No, for EGC you can use any credit card of your choice. Only for double points/triple points events is a Saks card needed as the rewards points only apply to cardholders.
  11. Yay, another EGC! Thanks for posting, I always seem to miss them!!!
  12. syee1999:

    if you buy a total of $3100 worth of items and u use a $200 EGC, you will only qualify for the EGC in the (2000-2999) range because effectively you are spending $2900! Did that answer your question?
  13. thanks for putting it so succinctly!

    I haven't had the opportunity to work with Damian yet but I've heard nothing but good things about him :yes: He doesn't seem to have posted lately...I'm sure he's keeping in touch, lol!
  14. If there's a bag I want that Saks doesn't have, can I call Damian to locate it for me for the EGC event? If I call him this week could he hold the bag for me until the EGC event (assuming he could find it)?
  15. ^You can call any SAKS SA and have them put any bag on their locator system.they all can do it for u.