Saks trunk show...

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  1. Sorry..No pics..but usually some get emailed from the SA there so Im sure u will see! goes........

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED the new black caviar Maxi bag...the caviar was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
    BUT the ONE AND ONLY BAG that STOLE my heart...........**DRUMROLL PLEASE**...........the MOST amazing BIG black quilted tote with zip top.had a reissue style lock closure and reissue chain handle...I gasped when i saw the price tag was ONLY 2650..I could have SWORN it would be a 4000 dollar bag....LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!....comes in between feb-march and i CANT WAIT!
    Coral flap color was .....YUCKY.IMHO.SORRY!and i actually didnt like the color of the red maxi bag ...the jumbo I have is WAY NICER was too orangey for me.
    those printed nylon looking bags...were DREADFUL IRL...they looked like trash bags that kids scribbled on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    I ended up getting the chain mail hobo in black..and lotsa clothes...bag being shipped ill post pics when i get it!
    PS-it was Haydens FIRST trunk show..he was a champ....hehe....and had fun with the awesome SA's i work with...!!!My one SA ,Carm....she stayed with me all day and helped with with all my purchases..bag,shoes,clothes....and even baby!shes the best!cant say enough good things about her!!
  2. ooouuu, sounds gorgy, probably from the Surpique line! Is the coral you saw, the Valentine bag? Too bad about the Maxi, was it the lamb or caviar?

    keeping up w/ all the style/colors is dizzying :confused1: Your glamson is such a cutie, bet he could work some discounts for his glamma:graucho:.
  3. Hayden's a Chanel trunk show veteran now! LOL! How cute!

    I can't wait to see the trunk show pics! This tote with zippered top and reissue chain sounds interesting ...
  4. Hayden has a new best friend in the handbag deptmt..LOL....there is a new SA there that almost came home as my new nanny...hehehe...he was beyond amazing with kids...!Hayden had a blast!
    the new caviar on the black maxi bag has me thinking of selling my jumbo for was smushy yet soo sturdy...really thinking about it

    nope coral wasnt valentine one....
  5. thanks for posting, just got the pics from Damian :smile:
    I like the blue and the violet jumbos hehe
  6. i didnt like the colors of the purple flap IRL.......really...THE ONLY 2 things I liked was the black MAXI bag in Caviar and that reissue looking tote...

  7. ^^ really hehe
    thanks for the feedback. :smile:
  8. U suck for no pics!
  9. Jill, thanks for the intel. I will look forward to seeing your thread when you get your items.

    Minami- thanks for the hint. I just checked my e-mail and saw the pics also. I agree the blue and violet jumbos look nice. I actually like the black & white flap and clutch also.
  10. ^ I just emailed Damian back hehe and he says more pics to come! can't wait LOL
  11. I saw the pics he sent and they look better in the pics..LOL....they didnt wow me IRL...So make sure u see the bags before u order!
  12. Send them my way!!! LOL I like the violet, although Jill says Barney....
  13. ^ really, including the blue? I will def. try to check them out IRL first then - thanks for the heads up :smile:
  14. yes, my dear I will send them once I get them LOL

    Barney hehe :P
  15. wish i could be there. how is the purple look? i saw the pic and looks pretty. is it a flap that u saw? is it structured or not(hoping for the 1st). thanks!