Saks trunk show in Troy, Michigan Fri & Sat

  1. Anyone going friday?
  2. i thought it happened already, anyhow, too bad i'm in canada ;(
  3. Just curious, are you close? Windsor is only about 20-30 minutes from Somerset (mall).
  4. i'm in toronto.
  5. I live in Toronto but only moved here 2 months ago from Windsor. I'm very upset that I can't attend these trunk shows anymore. Whoever goes must give us a recap!
  6. Diane is just the sweetest..........

    I'm hoping to make it this weekend ~ I would like a new bag...........
  7. I'm planning to try to (sneakily) snap a few photos with my phone. I'll report back tomorrow.
  8. kewl, thanks aprilvalentine. I'll love to see the reissues/flaps