Saks Triple Points Tuesday Nov 20th

  1. Saks is having another Triple Points event, this time only one day: Tuesday Nov 20th.

    Depending on your annual year to date spending with Saks, you can get up to 18% of purchase price back in gift cards. For me this is the second best promotion, after EGC.

    However, it is harder to rationalize luxury spending right before big holiday gifts list for others...:s
  2. Thanks for the heads up! But with their back to back EGC, Double PT, Triple PT, One day only mark downs.....i'm getting immune to them now (unless i can't wait for next EGC) ha ha.
  3. I was really suprised when i got the card for the triple points at Saks. Last time during the private sale, they had the triple points event the sales person told me triple points is a once a yr event for Saks. Maybe she didnt know what she was talking about...or the sales for Saks for this year really is down and theyre trying to boost sales.
    EGC would be a lot better than triple points!:graucho:
  4. i heard the luxury dept stores aren't doing that well this year. but yea i'm kinda immune to the saks triple pts, double pts. the only thing that gets my attention is egc or additional markdowns.
  5. well I guess depending on how much you spend yearly, triple points is just as good as getting the egc? either way, I like having to buy things from them during these events.
  6. Yes, I was also told that Triple Points is once a year so I was very surprised about this coming Tuesday.

    I might get another pair of the Pearl CC earrings as a XMas gift.

    For smaller purchases, Triple Points is definitely better! EGC gets tiring when you keep trying to make your purchases "fit" their arbritrary levels.

    And LV is ONLY eligible for Double Points, so I'm waiting for that...
  7. hi, will i be eligible if i purchase over the internet using the saks card? or when i call in and purchase thru an sa? or do i have to be at the store? TIA =)
  8. you're eligible for points through, store, and/or phone order.

    I personally believe Saks has the most generous points awards system.

    PS. I don't work for Saks, I just love shopping there!
  9. Does anyone know if nancy gonzalez is included in triple points? What are the exclusions?? Tia!!