Sak's Triple point + GC!

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  1. Horray for Saks!!! Lovely SA just told me about a major promotion Saks is doing (in respond of NM i believe), Thur & Fri of next week, Triple point is back + 400GC if 2 handbag purchase is more than 1k!! Only LV & Dior are excluded, great news for Chanel lovers:yahoo: Not sure if this is only a regional thing, but feel free to contact Brandi @ 210 630 0309, she can help you pre sale the bag today. They are not suppose to promote it til it hit the advertisement, but word-of-mouth-recommendation is :okay: let her she is recommend by Marisa (or purse forum) so she can help.

    Good luck everyone, I already have one reserve, one more to go:graucho:
  2. I benefit very much from everyone's post, thought i can share this with handbag lovers! Sak's Triple Pt is back, plus 400GC if you purchase 2 handbags, total more than 1k. pm me if you want more details; it's still hush hush til next week, some SA will deny(or not informed yet) til it's 'official'.
  3. ps. not sure if it's only regional promotion. Only LV & Dior are excluded :graucho:
  4. OMG thank you thank you thank you! Brandi is such a sweet AND efficient SA! (BTW I only found out about her through your recommendations here, so thanks for that too!) She helped me hunt down one of my HG's (last piece in the country) when every other SA I'd contacted at Saks/NM/Chanel boutiques searched for weeks and found nothing.

    Gosh, with that type of promotion, I guess for us Chanel addicts, if we're planning on buying only one Chanel bag (which of course if going to be well over $1k), we'd probably have to get another purse -- whatever is the absolute cheapest available at Saks (contemporary dept.? kids? LOL) -- to qualify then? I remember when they had the designer shoe promotion a week ago, SA's were selling 1 pair of CL's + 1 pair of Juicy Couture flip-flops ($50, the cheapest item in the shoe dept. at Saks) to help clients get the GC promotion.
  5. Wallets also count. You can buy one bag and a wallet and as long as they total over $1,000 you get a $400 GC.
  6. wow that's great!!!
  7. Saks has extended the $150 GC for 2 pairs of shoes promotion through next week too!
  8. They're doing the shoe promo too... buy 2 pairs total $400 get a $150 EGC.
  9. I got a mail from Saks today about Triple points event, and it is from April 10 to 12.
  10. Yeah! I'm glad she hunt down the HG for you :yahoo:, she have tons of patient (if she can stand an indecisive & picky Gemini like me, everyone else's request could be a piece of cake :biggrin:). Yup, you can get any brand besides LV or Dior, perhaps a JC or Coach for young ladies, or Miu Miu, BV, Gucci, Prada, D&G, Nancy get the idea :graucho:
  11. What? What? Whaaaaaaat? OMG, i just purchased my first chanel [jumbo caviar] yesterday from Saks NY and it's already being sent to me now. I'm so SAD!!!
  12. any suggestions on what I should do? i would hate to miss out on the GC but yet, would hate for it to increase.....
  13. Mon, is this true for all Saks?? My SA thought this was over? What about online?

    Also, has anyone had any experience with eGC and out of stock locator item? I did the 2 pairs of shoes promo last week, and got the eGC, but 1 pair of shoes are still not found yet. If that locator order is not fulfilled, what will happen to my eGC? Does it get voided? I have it in hand when I got my first pair of shoes, but it has that sticker with the whole message about if you return, etc., value of eGC will be reduced, etc. But I can't help it if their system showed they had tons of the shoes I wanted last week, and a week later, still no charge on my cc. :shrugs:

    Thanks for the info! Trying to think what cheap wallet I can get to get the $400 eGC, LOL.
  14. Wow, thanks for posting! I guessed that Saks would come up with something similar to Neiman's promotion. However, $400 off the current purchase is still better than a $400 GC. But it's still really good! I hope these deals keep coming!
  15. No wonder. I presaled a bag for triple points and the SA who is normally not pushy kept saying are you sure you don't want anything else, are you sure????Now maybe I should reconsider