Saks that carrry Louis Vuitton.

  1. I have one question about I really need to know since i've never bought a LV from Saks before or any other designer bag. When you go to the store and you have the money do they package up the bag and give it to you right away or do they send it to you in mail? I'm quite confused at this point because i've never done this before.
    Can someone please explain to me how this works?

    Thank you :heart:
  2. Actually the Louis Vuitton store is inside the Sak's. Yes, you get your items on the spot just like any other store where you purchase from.
    Hope this helps
  3. Yes, the LV counters are inside Saks.
  4. Yeah, they have their own store inside the dept store. It's set up for LV with their own counters, displays, and seating. They have actually nothign to do with Sak's, except for the rented space.
  5. But you can use your Saks credit card, or Saks gift cards to buy LV items. =)
  6. If you have Neiman Marcus stores near you, they carry LV as well.
  7. I don't understand how NM and LV work out their arrangements. Because some Neimans have LV, but the one in Chicago on North Michigan does not and they told me it was because the LV boutique is right up the street. But Saks, practically across the street from Neimans does sell LV. Oh well.:shrugs:
  8. it depends on the leasing manager in NM. the NM here in Newport has a LV subtique, and up the freeway about 3 exits is South Coast Plaza, that houses 2 boutiques - 1 regular, and 1 inside Saks.
  9. I know -- sometimes it just doesn't make sense at all. Here in San Francisco, the LV store is literally across the street from Neiman Marcus -- and NM also sells LV!
  10. I purchased a Damier Saleya PM and matching PTI wallet at the LV counter in Saks at South Coast Plaza. The only problem I had with buying it at Saks is that the SA didn't put my bag in a brown LV box at all --- she put the Saleya in its dustbag and just wrapped it up with white tissue paper and placed it in a Saks shopping bag.

    I don't know about any of you, but I receive great pleasure from seeing those brown LV boxes especially when it's filled with an LV purse or other goodies.

    Didn't matter in the end because I returned the Saleya and got a Damier Highbury instead at NM. The NM SA (great gal, by the way!!!) wrapped it up in the same way as the regular LV boutique does. Yippee for that brown LV box!
  11. My Neiman's has an LV in it and we get the regular LV bags when we buy something from them. The Saks doesn't have LV but when it was in the old Mission Valley Mall which has since gone way downhill, there was a Saks in there and they sold LV. That was where my mom first started buying LV.
    But yeah the NM sells LV and not too far down the way, there's an LV store as well.

    In regards to the original poster, the only time they won't give you the item on the spot is if it has to be ordered. Then they'll either send it to you or have it sent to the store for you to pick it up.
  12. weird! they must've run out of bags or something.. cuz when i buy from them (saks lv in scp) i've gotten the same as the boutiques. the only thing i dont like is the reciepts.. which is printed on saks reciepts and not on the actual lv reciepts/envelopes.