Saks Thanksgiving

  1. Does anybody know if Saks has any special mad sales on black friday? i've been eyeing a longchamp bag (i missed the earlier F&F sale :sad:) and was wondering if i should hold off and wait for any upcoming sales or whether if i should just get it now

  2. Get the SKU number to the bag you want and WAIT.

    I received a promo card stating that there will be a 8 to noon sale on Nov 23rd but no details. It said to check local newspaper listings.

    Even if your bag doesn't go on sale in November, it will in December.
  3. is the 8 to noon sale typically additional markdowns to clearance items? or everything in the store?
  4. Do they have anything going on at their Off 5th Outlets?
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    I went to Saks off 5th outlet last weekend and they had 25% off of most of the designer handbags incl. gucci, rebecca minkoff, juicy couture & furla.