SAKS Thanksgiving Sale is on now!

  1. :yahoo:I just got am email from Saks and additional 40% off on sale items going on right now.
  2. me too!
  3. boo! there is nothing good hoping there better be something instore 8am friday!
  4. If I pm you, can someone forward me the email? :smile:
  5. ^^you dont need the email to shop the sale, its online right now.
  6. Oh! I'm so silly :shame: ... Thanks lv!
  7. Yuk - nothing at the online sale.............
  8. wish they would add more :biggrin:
  9. Is anyone else having trouble getting onto the site? It won't load! grrrrrr.
  10. I just checked it out. Nothing good online.:sad:
  11. wohooo thanks for the heads up

    here we go :party:
  12. YAY!! Im going to check it out!!
  13. Thank you!
  14. wish I have a Saks near me rather than doing all those phone orders :sad:
  15. the sale prices have been the same for several weeks. there isnt an extra 40% reduction unless it reflects at checkout