Saks Tampa taking names for wait list

  1. My SA from Saks called me today and gave me a partial list of the S/S items she is receiving. She is "taking names" for the wait list if you're interested! Here is the partial list I got (I wrote fast, sorry if I'm wrong on anything!)

    Purple reissue ($2,425) - 3 available (all 3 already on wait list! I'm included! hee hee)
    Black reissue ($2,250) - 3 available
    Silver Reissue ($2,250) - 2 available
    Gold Reissue ($2,425) - 2 available
    Dark Navy Reissue (3,495) - 2 available

    Jumbo Lambskin ($2,650) I think it comes in pink and in white

    Lambskin Classics ($1,995) In Navy, Pink or White

    Red Patent Lambskin ($1,850)

    Patent Bowling Bag?

    She's also getting some items from the LAX line from Cruise in as well.

    My Saks SA's name is Lisa Beck - store number is (813) 371-5100 (ask for the boutique) tell her Mj sent you!!!

    Good luck in getting on the wait list!!
  2. Question - the reissues, $2,425, and $2,250, what sizes are they?:confused1::heart:H

  3. Thanks for posting....was lookin out for the regular leather DARK RED reissue 226 or 227~~
  4. photomj: do have your SA email address? since I live in Asia and a bit difficult to call her cause of the time difference. thankksss
  5. I'm going to see her today so I'll see what other details I can find out! I have no idea about these sizes...I am totally confused!
  6. $2425- 225
    $2250- 224
  7. I don't have an email address for her! Some of the SA's are behind the times! I'd be happy to pass on your info to her though. Feel free to PM me!
  8. they didn't order the reissue in the 226 or 227 sizes? weird!
  9. Does anyone know when the purses will be hitting the boutiques? TIA