SAKS Store in NYC 30% OFF SHOES!

  1. I just came back from Saks in Manhattan. Their salon shoe department had all these shoes with red dots on them so I asked a sa what that meant and he said those shoes were 30% off, and the sale just started TODAY! He also said the ones with the yellow dots were going on sale next week, but you can pre-purchase.

    I saw Jimmy Choos, Ferragamos and even Louboutins (though not many were on sale).

    I'd say hurry before all your sizes are gone.
  2. ooo nice! i wonder if its just NYC?
  3. hmmm...I'm wondering the same. I want some retail therapy...but its gota be in the OC socal. ::i hope i hope:: ~cross fingers~
  4. The sale next week is not just NYC, and not just shoes. Saks is having their private 1-day sale next wendesday, which has a few exclusions such as Chanel, but mostly everything will be on sale for 30% off
  5. Darn, I'll have to go check it out before all the other fiesty women steal the deals...
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