Saks Spring Trunk Show Today

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  1. My SA Jonathan Snipes just called and told me Chanel is having their Spring Trunk Show today. Is anyone going? Would you mind reporting back? I can't make it.
  2. I actually saw the bags when I was there last night. What do you want to know? My sis liked the purple reissue, adding how it was better than pics. I was disappointed with the rose pink east west, as the color wasn't quite what I was expecting.
  3. Did you happen to notice if they had any black 2.55 reissue with gold hardware?
  4. Nope. The only bag with gold hardware I remember was this tiny flap (not classic) in red patent. Now I think about it, I don't even think they had any black reissue on display at all. I was carrying my metallic black reissue last night and I honestly thought my bag was better than anything else in the trunk show, with perhaps only purple standing out. I liked how it was darker and not that blingy as it looked in pics.
  5. No. It's a metallic black with sort of distressed gold hardware - it's gold, but it looks like the gold is rubbing off sort of and showing silver.

  6. I was disappointed in the color too. It's a cute bag though, love the mirror.

  7. Where did you get your MB:love: from so fast? Lucky girl! :tup:
  8. Oh, I got in Paris about three weeks ago. But it comes with silver hardware, not gold. :shame:
  9. :sad: Well, I am wishing for the matte black 225 re-issue? is that the medium size? But so far, no one has spotted one.
  10. Is this Trunk Show (at Saks NYC Chanel) today-only? Or it a 2-day event going on tomorrow as well? I couldn't go today but will try to pop in tomorrow if it's still going on. Does anyone know their schedule?
  11. Well, the SA in Paris told me the matte ones would come out in March, if that's any help. BTW, I don't think 225 is really "medium" size, as it's quite small. I like mine as I never carry many things but I'm more than sure the other ladies would not carry it as an everyday bag like me.
  12. Oh this gives me hope. :::::crosses fingers::::::::Thank you for sharing. I'm wait listed here in the states, but some shops may not get everything in the line-- The numbers confuse me-- the size I prefer is approx 9 x 6 as I want to use this more as a special occasions bag.

    Abitobling is also looking for the black matte with gold hardware...

    Thank you again--
  13. foxycleopatra, the trunk show is continuing tomorrow but not past the afternoon.
  14. Thanks NanamiRyu. I'm not sure what I want. I guess I was just hoping that something stood out but it sounds like they didn't have anything impressive. :shrugs:
  15. They did have the purple reissue, which was beautiful. It was a 226 I think, maybe 225. And they had the dark silver in a mini size. Black metallic clutch/e-west with the mirror on the inside flap was cute, too. I was mostly interested in the reissues so that's what I noticed. Oh and there was an adorable classic patent leather flap with gold hardware, medium or smaller. Navy metallic in the extra large/228.