Saks - spendsome, getsome event on 4/20

  1. Thanks! This is great! Now I can get the Prada hobo I was looking at online!
  2. thanks
  3. Thank you soooooo much. I am thinking of the baby spy in white. any little bit helps.
  4. hmm isn't it easier to just use the SHOPAPRIL code instead?
  5. whats that code^^
  6. 10% off
  7. Saw White Baby Spy at Bloomingdale's in Fashion Island (Newport Beach CA) a few days ago. If you are interested, give them a call. Their number is 949.729.6729, ask for Sarah. With F&F discount, it comes to $1040+tax (1300-20%off). I am starting to sound like I'm one of their SAs. I don't work for them....
  8. Does anyone have a picture of the baby spy? Thanks.
  9. Can you use the shopapril code on the desginer stuff, i.e. chanel? In tht case actually you'd have to call the store, so would this be possible to use in that situation?
  10. The shopapril code is even better! Thank you!
  11. thanks for the heads up!
  12. hey guys, i have a question. you know how you can make a Saks card and it says its 10% off of everything the first day? does that apply to chanel bags also? i would be more than happy to get 10% of my first purchase. haha.
  13. The code is valid for online only (placed on their website or phone-in), it cannot be used in the store (LV & Chanels are not sold online).

    I recommend getting on the mailing lists of your favorite stores like NM, Saks, .. (on their websites), they send out promotional codes for online orders quite often -- 15% off at, 10% off at, and so on....

    I personally think Bloomingdale's F&F offer is better (20% off & discount is taken off right away as opposed to gift card for future purchase). If your local store has a big selection of brands you like, that will be great.