Saks Spend Some, Get Some Feb 22nd....

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  2. Yay!
  3. YIPPEE:party:
  4. so what did everyone get at the event today (online or in store)?

    I got la mer products and bobbi brown brushes...did too much damage the past 2 months already...but i did see beautiful bags at the Saks store in nyc!
  5. Whoo- hoo, heading down to my Saks right now!!
  6. Bought a Black JC Mahala and a Salvatore Ferragamo wallet. :yahoo: (Until I get the bill:shame:
  7. i have a question can some one please help me
    the buy some get some how does it work for online shopping?
    like when do you recieve the gift card?
    does it come in the package with your order ?
    how does this work ?
  8. When you purchase something online, you enter the code FEBRUARY7B in the promo code box and depending on the amount you spend, the gift card is mailed with your package. It is awesome!
  9. I got a Jimmy Choo Ramona with snakeskin trim and a Links of London bracelet. I used a previous gift card and got triple points. It makes me feel better when I think I get a deal. I'll be getting a $300 card. The only problem with those is you have to use them by a certain date.
  10. did anybody go through Lucky Rewards? Saks is an 8% rebate!!!!
  11. did any one get thier gift cards????
  12. mines wasnt in the box they told me its comming separate