Saks Spend$ome Get$ome Dec. 14

  1. Shop in any Saks stores or catalogs or online at, and receive a Saks Gift Card good toward future shopping.

    Spend$ome -------- Get$ome
    $250 to $499 -------- $25
    $500 to $999 -------- $50
    $1,000 to $1,999 ---- $125
    $2,000 to $2,999 ---- $300
    $3,000 or More ------ $450

    To receive Saks Gift Cards for or catalog purchases, enter promotional code DECEMBERGC at checkout. Code valid once per customer. Saks Gift Card will be sent separately.
  2. WOW.... Thanks !!!!! do you know when those gift card expires?
  3. You're welcome, pinkpiano! "Gift cards received from this promotion are valid through February 28, 2007".
  4. OOO I guess I'll wait until the 14th to order some gifts.. thanks for the info abaglover!! :yahoo:
  5. You're welcome, wai bb :smile: !!
  6. Wow - thank you so much for the info!
  7. Thanks abaglover!!
    I went today and did some serious shopping!:smile:

    Do you know how often Saks does this?
  8. Gah! This sucks, yesterday my mom and i spent like 350 at Saks. poo:sad:
  9. You're welcome, cascherping and jayjay77!

    jayjay77 - I'm not sure how often Saks does this promo. I think it's every few months or so.

    sammydoll - Sorry to hear you missed this by a day. Maybe if you bring your stuff back and talk to an SA, they might give you a break? Or you can always return and repurchase??