Saks special online sale for 2 days!

  1. Hi there..

    the link brings me to the home page -- am I missing something? Or is that where it ends up? Thanks for the heads-up on the sale - I'm going to check the sale section, unless there's another private link I'm missing. :nuts:
  2. Thanks for the tip! I haven't been on forever!
  3. Ugh, is reaaaal slow...will you ladies stop hogging the bandwidth! ;)
  4. Go to the home page and click on SALE in the upper right corner. ;)
  5. Yes, the site was very slow for me, then there was an error message...

    I give up! It's probably a sign from above telling me not to shop...
  6. Thanks guys!

    Well it links fine if you do click the "SALE" link top right - so very good! I did just get them to give me a price adjustment on a leather I bought - so that was good - got this from this thread! Thanks...

    site is WAAAAAAAAAAAY too slow for me today though... don't think there's anything else I can wait for with the slowness. I would love to browse the apparel, but heck, I hate going thru 12 pages at the speed of a turtle. :sad:
  7. Forget it. Too slow...
  8. The fine print says that shoes and handbags are still 30-40% off and the new markdowns of 50%-60% is for clothing only.
  9. yeah...their site is damn slow:tdown:. I can't really enjoy browsing their site and the sale doesn't include high end designer brands, it has no fun at all!!
  10. they have so many gucci shoes on sale.
  11. The site was extremely slow for me too, but I still managed to buy a vince hoodie and a pair of joie linen shorts! They had a lot of clothes when I was on earlier today.
  12. They have some great stuff. Check it out!!!
  13. I received the same e-mail....I don't see any change in the prices!