Saks Somerset stock update

  1. I've been to Saks and NM in the past few days so things may be running together, and I'm a newbie still with the lignes, so bear with me :p
    • MC hobo in brown
    • MC flap in black
    • Pocket in the City medium and large totes in brown (sigh)
    • SEVERAL of the python bags, with the diamond stitching (I am absolutely unsure of the name); blues and creams, hobo and shopper-type tote
    • python flaps - drool! I think brown and cream
    • soft and chain tote in cream (Roey's new bag, I think??)
    • perforated flaps in black, royal blue, and white
    • expandable tote - the red was there, and the zip bottoms
    • a BRICK-colored 228 hybrid (new chain, washed caviar leather) - this was definitely different but I was surprised to see so many scratches :sad:
    • and a bunch of classics as usual
    • also...I remember seeing a post last wk from someone looking for the white purse with small CCs all over it. I can't remember the name but they had one in black and one in white
    I'm definitely coming away with some goodies this week. Eek!
  2. whoops just remembered that a black Cerf tote was there as well
    and an Astrakan!
  3. thanks for the update :smile:
  4. Thanks for the info!