Saks "snowmen" promo? Did anyone enter?

  1. Along with my $25.00 free cosmetics card I got a card for a jewelry promotion. You had to go all over the stores and pick up stickers for a card and then turn the card into customer service to be eligible for the contest. You could enter today only and only if you received a card in the mail (mine came 2 weeks ago).

    Just wondering if anyone else went through the drill and entered!

    Best of luck to TPF ladies (and gents!)
  2. I did it too, but where was the $25.00 coupon for cosmetics? How did I miss this?
    (kicks self viciously!) :hysteric:
  3. ^^It was in the same folder that the snowman card was in. I used mine for a kiehl's product.
  4. Did anyone else notice that there weren't a lot of women doing this? Although Saks was packed it seemed like a lot of the women were too proud to go around and collect stickers....

    Not me!
  5. They almost never have any coupons that are for cosmetics. I just bought a Chanel foundation for $55., which would have been half price if I had seen that coupon.

    Let's hope it's just the 2 of us then who entered the contest! That's one prize for each of us!:woohoo: and one to share! For once, all the prizes are winners!
    I was wondering when you handed in your snowman card, did you get a little box of perfume samples at your Saks?
  6. ^^Yes, I brought it to the table and they had a huge fishbowl that only had 5 or 6 other cards in it. (?) Then she handed me a little Kiehls bag with a ton of perfume samples.

    I'm keeping our fingers crossed for us! Personally I really want the 2nd place prize (the cartier watch) even more than the 1st place prize!
  7. I'd rather have that Chopard necklace. I never saw a Chopard that I didn't like!
    You're right; that first prize picture looked a little boring although the value they put
    on it was so much higher than the other prizes. Maybe it's really fabulous in person?
  8. ^^I agree. I liked the 2nd and 3rd place prizes better. I guess one could always sell the 1st place prize (or any prize) if you didn't like it.

    Oh well - good luck to US!
  9. I like the way you think! What to do with the first prize...not IF you win, but WHEN. LOL!
    Unfortunately, the rare times I win something, it's always the prize I don't want.
    I know, I shouldn't complain, at least I won something, but honestly, once it was
    a trip which we never took and another time was a shearling jacket....for my husband! Boo!