Saks shipping. =/

  1. So I ordered a Chanel necklace last thursday from the Saks in New York, and OMG I still haven't gotten it. How long do you think it would take to come to me? I'm soooo worried that its not going to come. Is it normal for their shipping to take this long? (From new york to chicago??)
  2. do you pick the regular shipping or 2 days or .... ? i always use 2 days with Saks and always arrive on time.....
  3. Well i ordered off the phone on thursday, and the guy i talked to said it would ship out the next day. He didn't tell me how long it would take, but i have a feeling it should of been here by now. I'm worried.:s
  4. Call Saks and get a tracking# there may have been a delay in them sending it out. I think NY_Chicago should take 3-4 business days.
  5. call saks CS and ask them to track the package for you.
  6. Judging from my experience, if you ordered it on last Thursday and didn't choose 2 days delivery, it should arrive tomorrow (Thursday).
  7. Yeah i was going to call today, but i thought i would just wait 1 more day to see if it would come tomorrow. I'm going to call them 4 sure and see why its taking soooo long. I just don't know...i was really worried that it either got lost in the mail, someone stole it, or they delivered it to the wrong house or something.:shrugs: Or they didn't even ship it out.:crybaby: :crybaby:
  8. hmm really? I hope it comes tomorrow then.
  9. and like someone said earlier, sometimes they just ship out later than they say they will! this happened to me with my bag...and I was extremely worried! but it got here safe and sound so no worries :yes: plus my SA said it should be insured by fedex
  10. K.^^^ Thanks everyone! You're all making me feel ALOT better about it now. I'm just gonna wait and see if i get my package tomorrow, and if not i'll call SAKS and ask about it.
  11. What time did you order it on Thurs? And how much did you pay for shipping?

    If you paid $13, that is ground and it should take 5 - 7 business days.
    If you paid $18, then that is express and it should take 2 business days.

    It sounds like they shipped it via ground so if it doesnt show up on Friday, give them a call. Actually you can give them a call tomorrow and ask them to track your package for you
  12. I ordered it sometime after 4 on thursday, so thats why i'm guessing the SA told me it would be shipped out on Friday. Well i know i definately didn't pay any extra for shipping, cuz i didn't even tell him that i want 2 business days. So i definately got the ground shipping. If it does take 5-7 days then today is the 5th day, then I guess I should have it in 1 or 2 more days.:shrugs: I'll just wait and see...
  13. ^ 5 - 7 business days. saturday/sunday (saturday might if it was specified for saturday delivery) don't count as business days :yes:

    Don't worry, the longer you wait... the more worth it it'll be! hahaa, at least that's the way I always see it!
  14. LoL...true true.:smile:
  15. Also, I forgot to ask...does Saks ship with Fedex only?