Saks sent me the wrong bag!

  1. I just got my bag. I paid for the medium tote! 40% off $1275. The tag is labeled "small tote," but on it the price says $1275. It's definitely the zipper enclosure on top, and it fits over my shoulder but it's kind of a tight fit. Ugh! I was so excited, now I have to call them and sort this thing out!
  2. how disappointing! i hope you can get it sorted out with them
  3. They won't be able to deal with me until Monday (when the manager is in). The SA told me to send it back and I'd have to pay shipping/insurance. Heck no! It's not my fault! I just wanted this sorted out, but I have to wait now.

    This is so disappointing. I hate being charged way more for what I actually GET!
  4. wow, that's bad customer service! are you going to keep the small or try to get a medium?
  5. I think I want the medium. I prefer a zipper enclosure. It's such bad customer service. I don't see how they could have mislabeled the price on mine. Small tote...$1275? And I clearly said I wanted the medium one that has the zipper on top to close up the bag. Did the SA not read the label at all? Geez! I really hope they reimburse shipping.
  6. What?!! Why can't they help you now? Do they not have an assistant manager that can help you? You should just be able to exchange the tote. Especially in a store like Saks- the customer should be treated decently. Also the small tote should be $1095 regular price, not $1275.
  7. Are you sure its not the medium? I know for some people the Md is a tight fit on the shoulder and I know for sure the small can't fit on the shoulder unless you're stick skinny. When I bought my bowler from chanel, the receipt says small tote (I didn't get a tag but I'm sure it wouldve corresponded with the receipt). Maybe take some measurements?
  8. This lady was all at first like, "I can help you...just return the bag." And I asked about shipping reimbursement, because in shipping it back I'd have to pay for shipping/insurance, and she was like, "Oh, I don't know. I need to have the manager call you on Monday because I don't have the authority to reimburse shipping. I can't promise anything." She made it sound like all the managers were gone or something, and she was the only one there. Terrible service. She didn't even sound surprised that it was mixed up.
  9. I'm pretty sure, but maybe you guys can tell me for sure. When it came I thought it looked a bit small. I can fit it over my shoulder, but that's because I'm wearing a tank top right now and I have small arms. It has no zipper enclosure, so it's just a bucket. It has a pocket in the back.
  10. Ack! I just read ur comments and if indeed they did send the wrong bag they definitely need to reimburse shipping and insurance. Good luck, I hope it gets sorted out and I hope itpi get the bag you want.
  11. ^ Thanks! :smile:
  12. Yea. I remember reading the small has no zip closure. Bummer, they better send you the right bag and reimburse shipping. When I got a dirty bag from chanel, they sent me a new one even before receiving the other one!
  13. Purseluv, I wish you will have soon the right bag and the refund of shipping costs! I don't know usa law, only italian one, but I'm sure they must pay for their mistake! Keep all the papers of the money you paid to send the item back! Hope the manager will be more helpful on Monday and that it's not just an excuse to take more time.. good luck!
  14. You should call back and ask to speak to a manager, I don't believe there are no managers present when a store is open- even if it is the weekend- someone has to be in charge.
  15. Yup, the small tote doesn't come with a zip top. I hope they'll do something about it. Maybe try calling back tomorrow?