Saks Sent Me a Used Spy!!

  1. I ordered the Cognac Spy from, and received it today - no dustbag, no auth card and the leather was very very soft, bag was floppy, KWIM? Then I inspected it further - the corners and bottom are worn and dirty!! I was appalled and called right away. They apologised and said they will send out another bag and refund my Fedex overnight fee. Sheesh!
  2. Wow! I'm very surprised. Good thing they had another in stock. That must of been very disappointing though after waiting for it to come in.
  3. -Heck, at this point I honestly don't think she knew if there was another in stock. We shall see...

    Yes indeed I was so excited when the package arrived.
  4. Wow, I will keep my fingers crossed for you that your new bag is in stock and on its way to you!
  5. Wow i am so sorry that happened.
  6. That completely stinks......They ought to give u a discount on the replacemt bag.There is NO excuse for that when u r spending so much money!
  7. -I forgot to mention, she said they would give me a 10% discount and free overnight shipping on the replacement. I can live with that.

    Now I am waiting to see they actually have one to send me.
  8. omg..are you serious? did the 'used bag' come with a price tag? also, if you ordered it thru thought it comes from a warehouse and most of the stuff there are all brand new....strange!
  9. How unfortunate! I hope you receive it soon & in brand new condition.
  10. -no tags of any kind. Yes it was from

    It wasn't just used a couple of times - it was WELL used. On Anns Fabulous Finds I doubt it would rate more than 3-1/2 to possibly 4 stars! Think of how much use it takes to make the Spy all soft and floppy...
  11. That's good. :tup: Now hopefully they follow through. All the best!
  12. Weird. Atleast its saks and you're getting a new one AND a discount! Please post pics when it arrives:tup:
  13. Geez, folks - I made a mistake - I ordered the HONEY Spy, not the cognac. I'm an idiot LOL.
  14. LOL that's what I was thinking..they have honey on the site..great color!
  15. WOW! I can't believe that!! Did they honestly think they could send a bag out in that condition?! Hope your new one is on its way and in pristine condition. Think I'll go to NM for my next indulgence